Focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose.The easiest
way to know the purpose of an invention is to ask the inventor.Clarify
your values.Set some goals.Figure out what you are good at.Aim high.
Go for it.Be disciplined.Believe you can achieve your goals.Never give
up.Ofcourse these recommendations often lead to great success.You
can usually succeed in reaching your goal if you put your mind to it but
being successful and fulfilling your life’s purpose are not at all the same

You can reach all your personal goals,become a raving success by
the world’s standard and still miss the purpose for which God created you.
You need more than self advice .
Your life is no fluke of nature.Your parents might not have planned your
but God did.Each and everyone of us is created for a particular purpose.
That’s why it’s normally a waste of time trying to copy another person
pattern of life.We are unique for whatever we do.


We all are striving to be the best, to reach the peak of our educational, social and religious life. No one wants to remain stagnant and watch others walk past him. The important thing is that once you determine on something, persevere, because a lot of people will take you as their role model. They will look up to you to get to that point you have reached. He that is doing good should keep doing good.

When the mighty falls. He doesn’t fall alone, most times the people looking up to you will get discouraged some might give up and the fallen man might loose the courage to begin again.

Our life here on earth is a choice. No one will live your life for you. We are the architect of our dreams. We live according to how we plan our lives.

Of course we don’t expect it to be a smooth journey. Many things will come by disappointment, failure, but remember that every successful man have a story to tell. One day when you get to the peak you will look down and see others struggling to get through all that you passed through, you will then understand that those struggles are meant to make you fit and prepared to face the future


Love means many things to many people but the summarization of love is that it is the deepest feeling of a devoted, unconditional and stable affection for people and God. Love makes life liveable and pleasing, adding zest in the life of anyone it touches. To love is to deny oneself unconditionally and steadfastly for the sake of your beloved. That is thinking and living for your loved ones despite the pain and difficulties involved. For true love is not expressed in good times alone. It reveals itself authentically in action during difficult moments.

Jesu gave us an inspiring example of true love love when his love for us compelled him to deny and sacrifice himself for our sake. It is on this background that we should build our love for one another. Love that does not suffer or bear pains for the sake of the beloved is false and illusory.

It is often easy for us to express our feelings to the people dear to us. But the pro arises when we are asked “what have you endured for your loved ones?”

Love is all about making sacrifices. And it is the greatest commandment.



We can recall the biblical story of how Jesus visited Mary and Martha. Mary sat at the foot of Jesus listening to him while Martha was running around trying to make something for the guest and also make him comfortable.

But what did Mary do? She sat there just listening. You can imagine how Martha felt because Mary is not assisting her. When she complained Jesus said to her “Martha you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken from her.

We are all unique, whether you are the Mary or Martha, both women are valuable.

However, our priorities matter, we don’t have to react to certain things or certain conditions, sometimes we have to listen and think before we react.

This experience taught me a great lesson “I attended a meeting, at a point everyone was arguing about a particular project but a young lady kept calm at the whole scene. After a while, she stood up to give her own suggestion. Everyone kept quiet, everywhere was calm. I was really marveled. I realized one thing, when you listen you gain more ideas, everywhere was quiet because everyone wants to listen to her. And that is what happens when we listen everyone will want to listen to you.


In order to seize certain opportunities, arriving first can result to higher chances of success. Punctuality is very vital in all aspects of our lives. But since the bird and the worm were early, why is the fate of one different? The bird came up early striving towards getting a meal for the day and the early worm falls victim.

Are you the bird or the worm? Waking up early, being the first to grab opportunities, making the first move helps us to strive towards being successful. But few things are still needed. Our determination, perseverance and hard work helps to fuel our efforts.

If you do not wah to end up with an ill fate…..choose wisely.. BE THE EARLY BIRD.


When you rise in the morning think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive,to breathe, to think,to enjoy,to love.Life throws us at different struggles and situations .

To be able to breathe is not what it takes to be alive being alive means to live without reasons that make you unhappy . In other
words,it means to be living completely you’re stand not being pulled down the stereotypical norms or not
caring what others think(to some extent).

To exist is the emergence of man in the world. It refers to the act of actually there and being alive. It has to do with our physical self. When we keep living, conquering the challenges life throws to us and solving the problems that face us, that’s called Surviving. Life and living is the very definition of survival. To survive means to emerge, to shed, to transform, to blossom 🌸, to change, to improve and to love.

Existing and surviving requires living. It is only someone that has life that can exist and it is only a person that exist that can live and survive.


In every aspect of your life. Be it spiritual,educational, social business, living a good life as an individual or a family. The habit of reading seems to be challenging. Why?

Forming the habit of reading tends to be challenging. But remember that nothing good comes easy. When you do what you want, you will not get tired of doing it but when you do what you need, it posses a big challenge and you find it hard to continue.

Being ignorant of things is a primary weapon of containment. We live in an information age. There are numerous books readily available at Borders, Bornes and noble Amazon, not to mention bookstores that provide solid blueprint to reach economic equality but people refuse to read.

You can’t expect to cultivate the habit in a day or two, it requires constant practice and once you are able to maintain that practice. It becomes part of you. Read not just to grab everything but make sure you learnt something from a particular book you read.